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Strawberry Cream: 12-Micron Desserts

Best Desserts in Sydney

Are you one of those people who thinks dinner is just a warm-up for dessert? If you have a sweet tooth and think that dessert is the best part of any meal, a visit to 12-Micron must be at the top of your to-do list! With a dedicated dessert bar and specially trained pastry chefs, 12-Micron even gives its guests the option to skip dinner altogether and just come in for one (or more) dessert courses. Open until 11pm, the dessert bar at 12-Micron can be part of any evening out and is an immense success with groups of friends as well as with families and couples.

Dessert bar

Grab a seat at the dessert bar if you want to see how your delicious dessert is constructed before your eyes. The skilful pastry chefs know their way around the many sweet ingredients and you will be amazed at the beautiful desserts that are created – a treat for the eye as well as for the stomach!

Be warned though, seeing these dishes being created will tempt you to trying different options, as well as new flavour combinations that you may not have tried before.

Dessert menu

At 12-Micron, the dessert menu takes pride of place and includes a wide variety of desserts to choose from. Indulge in creamy mousses, dark chocolates, exotic fruits and soothing ices to name but a few. Of course cheese has not been forgotten so if you don’t just want to satisfy that sugar craving, you will have plenty of savoury options available to you as well. Dishes are changed regularly to keep the menu fresh and allow new, seasonal products to be included. Special diets can be catered for and there are vegetarian and vegan options on offer too.

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Australian desserts

As with its main menus, 12-Micron is proud to source native ingredients from all over Australia and the culinary team have, with one or two exceptions, been able to find all the ingredients that go into making up these luscious treats on the continent. This includes some of the delicious cheeses on offer, which can be enjoyed with a delicious glass of red wine from the stunning wine list. The emphasis at 12-Micron is on modern Australian cooking and this can be clearly seen in the beautifully deconstructed desserts on offer.

Dessert degustation

For the true dessert lover, what could be better than a 5-course dessert tasting menu? Head party chef Ashley Smith has carefully selected a range of desserts that build up into a wonderfully balanced menu for you to enjoy. Ideal for a special occasion, and something unique to treat friends and family to. Enjoy your dessert degustation in the serene surroundings of 12-Micron while you watch the sun set over the beautiful harbour through the magnificent glass walls that adorn the restaurant. For an evening to remember, a visit to the dessert bar at 12-Micron is a must!